About Us

Our Vision

Souq Madayn your gateway to the Global Markets

Drive innovation

We enable B2B segment in Oman to interact digitally independent of location and technology.


To make Souq Madayn more agile, we’re streamlining online business procurement to help our customers expand.


Be Digital First is totally integrated into our people’s mindsets as well as how we approach our clients, partners, and sponsors.

What is Souq Madayn?

SOUQ MADAYN is OMAN’S authentic B2B marketplace. It’s an e-commerce platform that allows OMAN’s domestic manufacturers to compete in the international market under their own brands. Providing high-quality goods to people all over the world. This brings together manufacturers from all domestic sectors on an entirely new sales platform, allowing them to conduct business online in one location. With various value-added services, the products of the companies are given international exposure. The dealers in a B2B marketplace are manufacturers, and the clients are other enterprises. These purchases are treated online by the marketplace administrator. As per the various types of B2B selling, A B2B marketplace can also be referred to as a B2B procurement portal, B2B trading platform, multi-vendor marketplace, or B2B catalog and directory.

SOUQ MADAYN strives to become a marketplace for B2G transactions and help provide a more streamlined procurement cycle to the Governmental sector.

Impact on Oman’s Business Sector

As the Oman B2B market becomes saturated, SOUQMADAYN Marketplace takes a step forward by bringing domestic manufacturers and other businesses together on a single online platform. Not only that, but SOUQMADAYN extends its reach to new regions, making it advantageous to look globally for new markets to enter. If done correctly, international e-commerce has the potential to be a huge opportunity to break through market share barriers.

For all organizations in Oman, language and region-specific eCommerce sites provide the opportunity to expand your reach, penetrate new markets, and perhaps generate new revenue streams. This opens up a massive market for future trading and exposure for OMAN brands throughout the world.

Countless privileges

Benefits to Buyers

  • A wide range of products in various categories are available.
  • Domestic (Omani) and worldwide items are available for purchase.
  • Exclusive prices and deals.
  • Send seamlessly product inquiries directly to the suppliers.
  • Search, Compare, Select and Buy facility
  • The convenience of buying products online, as and when required.
  • Secure and transparent online buying experience.
  • Vendor rating system.
  • Bulk Ordering facility.
  • User-friendly dashboard for Buying and monitoring orders and payments.
  • Option to request a quote and get direct exclusive deals.
  • Multiple payment facilities.
  • Participate in online Auction.
  • Facility to float online tenders.

Grow your business

Benefits to Suppliers

  • Wide reach for brand & products
  • Sell direct to individuals & Enterprise customers
  • Credit Oman insured facility
  • Logistics services option available
  • Receive & respond to RFQ from buyers
  • User-friendly dashboard for Account Management
  • Volume-based product pricing
  • Wholesale Bulk Order
  • Self-Service Order Management
  • Order notifications
  • Report Management
  • Multiple payment facilities
  • Affordable advertising spaces
  • Digital marketing